TaC conducting blood tests

Conditions for conducting blood tests (allergy, food intolerance etc.)

Contractor (the provider)

The contractor for these TaC is:


    Novogenia GmbH
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    Phone: +43 662 42 50 99 11
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    Managing director: Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer
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Bank details

    Bank: Salzburger Sparkasse Bank AG
    Account: 00040445165
    Bank Code: 20404
    IBAN: AT332040400040445165

General provisions

In blood tests, substances contained in the blood are (among other things, antibodies) measured and analyzed. The result is then interpreted by the laboratory and a recommendation for action is created (e.g., abstinence or desensitization therapy). The necessary sample is obtained from a finger puncture.


Should the referring physician not have the authorization to carry out a blood test, the customer needs prick themselves in the finger with the available lancet. It is within the remit of the customer to thoroughly clean the place, according to the instructions and immediately consult a doctor for proper treatment in case of infection.


The recommendations drawn up by these analyses should be considered as a recommendation or inspiration for the treating physician. You should clarify any acts relating to your health with your doctor. The laboratory is not responsible for the effectiveness of the recommendations, health consequences of recommendations, health consequences of not proper sampling or financial damage that has arisen subsequent to this analysis.