TaC for participation in scientific studies

Conditions for participation in scientific studies

Scientific studies have to generate new knowledge about the target genetics or the provider's products. Participants are aware that the data collected by scientific analysis is published and used, if necessary, for advertisement purposes.

In such cases, the samples and data are only retained and published in an anonymous form (without ability to link it to the identity of the subscriber). This means that data security is ensured.

The provider also has the right to use the provided sample in an anonymous form for further scientific purposes or forward them to other companies or institutions in an anonymous form for this purpose.

The customer always has the right to terminate his participation in the study and future research projects without giving reasons and to have the remaining samples destroyed.

The provider has the right to contact participants after completion of the study for a request for a new trial or other medical or personal data. However, the customer is not obliged to issue a new trial or to answer further questions.