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Laboratory for your genetic testing services

Contract Lab: Do you have an idea for your own genetic analysis product, and you are looking for a laboratory that can do the lab analysis for you? Then you are looking in the right place. Choose from the existing programs or expand with us the portfolio! As one of Europes most modern laboratories and large laboratory network, we can provide laboratory analysis services for you. You don't need a laboratory and we can do the work for your project.

In many cases, it is just a matter of choosing the appropriate polymorphisms for our laboratory and of creating appropriate reports. Other required polymorphisms will be included in our portfolio, so that the development of an innovative genetic testing program is often completely free, or at least affordable. As part of our laboratory services, we can complete these steps for you.


Assistance in the development of your laboratory analysis

In addition to a highly automated laboratory analysis and rapid execution times, our laboratory also provides scientific expertise and advice for your (genetic) analysis project. The rough goal of your analysis is usually enough for our lab experts. We investigate which genes are useful for your project, develop lab tests for them and help you in the preparation of the reports.


Laboratory findings: automation is our specialty

Thanks to the efforts of our talented software developers, the laboratory reporting process is fully automated. We can generate the laboratory results and create a matching report based on your predefined logic. The process takes only a few seconds. Similarly, we can digitally transmit automated lab results and allow you to create your own reports. Our systems are ready to be adapted to any language. A finished product can thus be launched in a few days, in any other language you require.


Your logo, your brand

In your project, you have of course the opportunity to use your own logo and design or you can co-brand the service with Novogenia.

Your lab analysis with the highest level of certification

If we make the analysis and report the findings to you, you can advertise that it has the laboratory certifications ISO 15189, ISO 17025 and other certifications. The quality of your genetic tests will not be questioned.


Legal assistance through our laboratory

The legal issues for genetic diagnosis are very complicated and difficult to understand. We will be happy to assist you, based on our 13 years of laboratory experience in the European market.


Sophisticated systems - avoid rookie mistakes

New genetic lab analysis projects usually stumble on some obstacles that must be overcome before the service can run properly. Through our experience, you can skip this point. A common beginner's problem is poor sample quality, which can cause a recall in a quater of all samples. This causes great dissatisfaction and additional costs. Internationally, the rate of non-usable samples at established laboratories is quite high. On average, one in 30 samples has to be requested again. Through our years of experience, we have developed a system in which only one sample out of 200 cannot be analyzed. You can immediately start with a mature process, thanks to our extensive laboratory experience.

PDF, ring binder or real book?

Through our variety of projects with different requirements, we have many reporting options. The industry's highest quality and finest option is the printing of a real soft cover book. You keep your own genetic program in hand, as you would a book from the library. An alternative is the printing with saddle stitching, which is indeed high quality, but limited to 40 pages. Of course, we also have the option of digital dispatch of PDFs or even the sending of genetic raw data. For all this, there are already established, validated systems, and we are usually ready in a few days.

Project examples from our past:

- The digital project

Task: Analysis of 6 polymorphisms, the objective was defined, but the exact procedure and details were still open.

Solution: The 6 polymorphisms were already in our portfolio. The evaluation strategy has been developed by our scientists, and subsequently approved by the customer. After approval, the procedure was automated and the reports prepared for printing. Our designers have made the design proposal, adopted the logo and color scheme of the customer, and performed additional changes upon customer’s request. The system was then tested for errors, and validated. The result was a classification into one of eight categories, which then led to 8 report layouts. The results were provided digital, via FTP.

Duration: concept to launch - 6 weeks
Costs: each party paid its own expenses. No other project costs.
Result: analysis system with capacity of up to 50,000 samples per month, average lead-time of 3 business days.

- The rebranding project

Task: Take an existing program with 12 genetic variations, change the design and rebrand completely under a new brand. Then execute it in our laboratory, but under the customer's brand. Also invoicing should be done by our company.

Solution: An existing product was analyzed and revised by the customer’s designer. The new design was introduced into the system and the printed reports subsequently validated. After receiving the order, the sample sets were shipped by us, and we also analyzed the incoming samples. Reports printed and bound with saddle stitching were sent directly to the customer. Invoice was sent by us, and margin were paid to the partner.

Duration: concept to launch (due to long design times at the partner’s side) - 8 weeks
Costs: each party paid its own expenses. No other project costs.
Result: analysis system with capacity of up to 50,000 samples per month, average lead-time of 12 business days.

- The research project

Task: As part of a research project, 10 genetic variations should be analyzed in 8000 subjects. Some of the samples are freshly collected saliva samples, some frozen blood samples and some preserved tissue samples.

Solution: 4 of the 10 polymorphisms were not in our portfolio, so this had to be new established by us. DNA extraction from blood was already established, DNZ extraction from preserved tissue samples had to be established. After establishment, the samples were extracted within 7 days. Analysis was performed with 1 gene variation and 380 samples per 384-well plate. The processing was done automatically, including during the nights and on weekends, so that not to interrupt the ongoing operation and to save costs. The analysis was completed within 20 days. The results were delivered as Excel files.

Duration: 45 days
Costs: € 1500 for the establishment + cost analysis for the samples

- The customization project

Task: Take our existing product, but remove 3 small passages of text and add an explanation page.

Solution: The change requests were performed, the printed reports validated, and the analysis was released.

Duration: 45 days
Costs: No costs for the client

- The mixed project

Task: A selection of 55 genetic variations is available; each order contains a different selection of the polymorphisms. Reports must take into account these variations, which should or should not be presented in the report, based on a previous selection. Results should be available in 5 languages, including Japanese.

Solution: The polymorphisms were already included in our portfolio, so no establishment was necessary. The logic behind the reports was developed by our scientists, and approved by our partners. Printing different versions of the reports was programmed, and validated. Our scientists wrote the English and German texts. Our partner received a web link with password protected access, on which the English text was listed as text blocks. In addition, text fields for each of the 5 languages were available. Our partner could give their translators access to the portal. After validation of the texts by our partner, the findings were ready in all 5 languages.

Duration: 9 weeks + translation time needed by our partner
Cost: Rather than charging the development costs for this complex project, we agreed on a minimum purchase of 30 analyzes, with 20 % higher analysis costs.

Your project?

As you can see, we are very flexible and can best fulfill the wishes and needs of our partners. We always try to keep costs as low as possible, to give a chance to success even to the ideas with small budgets. So if you have an idea for gene analyses, please let us know and we will think about how to best implement your project.

Contact us now to discuss your project, free of charge!